03 novembre 2011

Poésie numérique

J'écoute ce morceau... et je fonds... profitez en aussi.(via Sebsauvage)

Who would you rather kiss
on the very first date if you had to chose?
How big a bet you'd make
on your very first game if you couldn't lose?
What would you rather wear
on the very first dance with the one you like?
And how would you really sing
on a difficult song with a broken mike?

Small decisions,
life incisions,
big in retrospect
Bracing gently,
the butterfly effect.

Where would you rather go
on your very last June that you spent apart?
What would you leave behind
on your very last smile before you depart?
Who would you rather kiss
on your very last chance of another start?
And how would you rise again
on a difficult slope with a broken heart?

Small decisions,
life incisions
big in retrospect.
Scopeless seeding,
always feeding,
the butterfly effect.

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